Posting this one too ^^

  My photographer wanted to dump it but I kinda like it. I guess he knows better but hey my page, my rules XD

Hi travelers!

Hi travelers! I'm K177-3n but you may call me by my locally designated name "Kitten". How was your day on Pandora?

I've received a lot of positive comments about my future blog site! At the start I was a bit skeptical about it but after seeing all those positive comments, i'm quite relieved ^^ Thanks guys.

Another little photo from that new place that my photographer found. I'm amazed at how well this new camera captures colors. I love it ^^

Hey everyone? How are you doing?

Weekend is around the corner, do you have any special plans?

-This friend of mine is going to work on my new blog site pretty soon, which will allow me to post whatever I want without the risk of getting reported for the nth time and post better designed content such as game reviews, gameplay, walkthroughs and funny screenshots.


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