Back from my early Bday Gift.

Hey there everyone! How have you been?

I just came back from my early b-day gift from my photographer which was an all-inclusive 2 days trip at an amusement park ^^

It's been a while since I've been in an amusement park, I really missed all the adrenaline generated from the high-speed roller coasters, all the excitement screams from the little kids and all the "tough guys" breaking into swears and screaming after about 2 seconds from the start of the drive :P
Anyway, I had a lot of fun! The only complain is that it wasn't a very long trip =/

A little about this photo: When you are tired of high-speed roller coasters, there is nothing better than stopping by the little arcade zone and play a bit of Silent Scope and House of the Dead! A little crowd gathered around me, I finished House of the Dead 4 with 2 coins and some guy wanted to play along with me on House of the Dead 3... can't stay away from gaming as it seems :P

Sadly, my photographer forgot his camera (I think he did that on purpose, didn't want to work during my "gift-time") so all my memories were captured using my phone (Galaxy S4) which, even if equipped with decent hardware, can't be compared to a professional camera and so all the photos aren't that great because of that...

I spent the night in a 3 star hotel (I would give it barely 2) in a room that was really uncomfy, equipped with a very small bed, an old TV that could stream only a few channels, a cramped bathroom with such a small shower that I had to take contortion lessons before I managed to wash myself in there and a VERY small balcony with a splendid view over the parking lot but HEY, I was only supposed to sleep there and I was too excited about the amusement park to even care. =)

So I've been thinking this for a while and I want to ask what you guys think about it:
This page allowed me to meet a lot of very nice and kind friends but also brought me a lot of stress and annoyance because of trolls and my impossibility to ban them in a proper way (for those who didn't know, banning someone on a public page only removes his/her ability to comment but will still be able to like, report, download and share my photos and will also be able to comment on their share... so pretty much useless). I'm thinking about closing down my page and share my personal profile with you all, there you would be able to see all my little gaming updates, my photos and also a link to my site each time a new blog entry is up... this would also allow me to TOTALLY block unwanted people, preventing them from seeing my profile. download and share stuff. I know I would lose all the "likes" I gathered so far but hey.. I always called you guys "friends" so i thought that I might as well have you as friends/followers. What do you think? 


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