Hey everyone? How are you doing?

Weekend is around the corner, do you have any special plans?

-This friend of mine is going to work on my new blog site pretty soon, which will allow me to post whatever I want without the risk of getting reported for the nth time and post better designed content such as game reviews, gameplay, walkthroughs and funny screenshots.
From what I managed to understand from him (hey I'm a book, knowledge and gaming nerd, I don't speak web design), the site will be connected to every platform i'm on, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and twitch, so that will make things easier for you all

-So my photographer strikes again and found this GORGEOUS place. We took around 400 photos as there wasn't a single soul around. A good Idea would be bringing a bikini along when the weather gets a bit warmer and take some photos in the river.
I also asked my photographer to accompany me as I go manga/game shopping and bring his camera along. Nature is lovely but I want some daily life photos as well ^^ What do you say?

-I've been kinda forcing myself to play to play Watch_Dogs, the game is good really (even tho it's VERY unpolished) but it's not my kind of game, I guess it's too late to back out now.
This video will point out what I'm talking about when I say "upolished" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idA9BEA4Hxs)

-A new Indie Horror is getting released for ps4 (and it's supposed to be released already on Steam), the name is Among the Sleep and seems like the game had some very good kickstarter support. Can't wait to try it out!

-I've also Platinumed Transistor, a sci-fi RPG from the same team that created Bastion.
The game is pretty good, has a very nice story, a very fitting OST, a smooth and highly customizable gameplay and some additional tests that will challenge you and your will to complete them. The thing that I actually enjoyed the most is how every ability interacts with the others... Let me explain better: Every ability can be equipped as an Active Skill, aka the usable ones, as an Upgrade, meaning you can equip it to enhance the effect of another skill, or as a Passive, making it give a general boost to you or your abilities! There are 16 skills in this game and each of them reacts differently when equipped to a skill, so in the end you'll have quite a good amount of customization to do
As always tho I can't say I've been totally satisfied by this game... The story was far too short and enemies skins were reused over and over for the entire game but it's nice to see an Indie team doing this good compared to AAA companies that can't even manage to release a fully functional game.

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