Hi travelers!

Hi travelers! I'm K177-3n but you may call me by my locally designated name "Kitten". How was your day on Pandora?

I've received a lot of positive comments about my future blog site! At the start I was a bit skeptical about it but after seeing all those positive comments, i'm quite relieved ^^ Thanks guys.

Another little photo from that new place that my photographer found. I'm amazed at how well this new camera captures colors. I love it ^^

There is this trophy in Watch_Dogs that is driving me crazy, It's about getting "tailed" 5 times. It means that I have to get invaded and tailed by others without capturing them... aka it's a trophy for doing poorly which is already wrong per se. Why should I be rewarded for failing? Anyway I'm having this problem where no one wants to invade my world (T.T) I feel lonely! Come at me Fixers! Sigh... stupid Ubisoft.

A friend of this page (aka a Fan but since I'm no vip or anything he is just a friend like any of you is) lent me his copy of Wolfenstein for PS4 ^^ This is the same guy who gifted me a bag of chocolates ^^ I can't wait to try this game out, I'm actually more excited about Wolfenstein than I was about Watch_Dogs. I hope It won't let me down in the same way

I really love how my page is, for the most part, filled with nice and humble people, yeah there is always the usual troll hiding in a corner waiting for the best moment to write his/her senseless comment and getting banned but aside from that, I'm pretty proud of this little group of friends I managed to gather ^^ Next step. The world!

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