Kitten's Look >^.^<

Hey everyone ^^
How is your Saturday going? ^^

-Note about this photo: Here's my little piercing all healed up ^^ How do you like it?
This is the base one, I'll be able to change it in about 2 months and I'm already looking around to find something maybe gaming related but those are rare.
My photographer said "show me a kitten expression"... Am I enough of a kitten for you?;) 

As you may have noticed (or may not) my old photo was reported again.. I don't even care about the photo, I'm annoyed to lose all the comments attached to it. When I was a little girl with her new shiny phone, I liked to keep every single text msg I received, sometimes they were so many I had to write them in a little book in order to delete the old ones  I always liked to keep records of things... what can I tell you, my Nerd-Fu was strong even back then.

I've found this new little shop full of shirts that actually fit me ( yay!) but due to my totally broke-ness, I need to wait at least a month before getting myself some new shirts ^^" Oh well... Also I'd like to thank all of you for helping me find sites with manga/game related clothes but for some reason they are SUPER pricey so I'll probably buy one for my bday (aka in less then 2 months).

I decided to put RE: Code Veronica on hold as my co-op partner asked me to play Trine 2 with him, so I need to get all the misc trophies out of the way 1st and then I'll help him get his trophies when we get to play together 
So far Trine 2: The complete story is proving to be a side-scrolling action RPG with puzzle elements, with a good co-op system (which i tried out with my 2nd controller) and some great gameplay flexibility due to the numerous abilities to choose from and the possibility to reallocate them whenever. This game also provides a nice challenging mode called Hardcore, which disables checkpoints and heals and I'm currently playing that on HARD where smaller enemies kill me with 2 hits and bigger ones with one  I'm crazy like that I know 

I've spent some time on DOTA2, a friend of mine (the one who is building my site) convinced me to play it a bit and I have to say It's quite fun so far. I remember playing "DOTAs" when they were modded maps of Starcraft and Warcraft... I miss those times, I loved starcraft SO MUCH! I was a Protoss player, sometimes switched to humans just for fun... Zergs were too... zerg for me 

I'm also in the mood (which happens every year around this period) to go back to World of Warcraft and level all my characters from scratch, I love levelling and mastering a class  I'm usually a Healer but I also played as a Tank for quite sometime 

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