Morning everyone ^^

This is a photo from a week ago it was supposed to be trashed as well and he even attached a note to it to explain why: "Gray concrete wall behind, hair cover eyes, not good".
He sure likes his work a lot if he manages to skim between 200 to 800 photos, rating and writing down a note for each one.
I think i'm going to stop posting "trashed" photos ^^" I mean if he cares so much about his job, I should be more caring towards his will.

Anyway, my photographer said that if the weather keeps up he'll show me a new place... wonder where he gets the money to pay for all the fuel he wastes wandering around looking for new places >.>
He must be hacking people with his phone like in Watch_Dogs

Talk to you later (or whenever he gives me a new "postable" photo). Have a nice day everyone ^^

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