Murdered: Soul Suspect Platinum Achieved!

Hey there people! 
Weekend is about to start so... Let's get ready to rumble! (Quote one of my workout songs)

The little key on my neck is a gift from a fan(friend) and it's supposed to be one of the Lucy's key (Fairy Tail) and even if it doesn't resemble any of them, I think it's a great gift and I love it! ^^

I woke up this morning with my gelato photo missing from my page and friends asking me where it went, my 1st answer was "Hell if i know", shortly after logging in to facebook I found out that it was reported. What bothers me the most is that each time my photos get removed, facebook executes a mass logout and disconnects every device/application I had connected to it, so I have to relink my ps3,ps4,psvita,phone and PC.. annoying.
I'm not even bothering to reupload every photo, my site is about to go live and there I'll be free to repost all reported photos (even old ones) without problems.
Anyway who cares about these people! I have 24000 friends (assuming that trolls didn't "like" my page.. that would be some hypocrite troll now) who enjoy reading my wall of texts and/or enjoy my works  I couldn't care less if a couple of trolls don't like my page  
Keep being awesome everyone! 

My daily gamer milestone is "Moving On" (aka Murdered: Soul Suspect Platinum) and I'm going to tell you guys what I think about this game.

Murdered: Soul Supect is a game published by Square-Enix and it's an interactive visual novel with some action/stealth elements. The game itself is very easy and short also keeps your hand held till the end without letting it go. The idea behind this game is very interesting, I'm only disappointed with the idea of how good this game could have turned out to be if only they used this "idea" better. The story is also very intriguing as it leads the player to think that it's going to be another obvious/cliched story but a very well placed plot twist changes things. 
Collectibles in this game, if you decide to go out of your way to pick them up, play a very important part as they add a good chunk of background and narrate stories about other tormented souls but also add some additional playtime to a game that otherwise could be finished in around 3-4 hours.
This game is FILLED with bugs... some of them are just plain stupid such as the "Current Objective" shown in the menu remaining stuck to the very 1st mission during the whole game (Luckily for me I was paying attention to what the game said otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue about what to do next) or some game breaking bugs such as side quest NPCs reappearing even if the side quest was over and if talked to your character would get stuck and force you to reload your save.

Over all this is a RENT game, too short to be worth 50$/€ but also a good game If you want a change of pace from your usual action game and enjoy some good story 

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