My new site is live!

Hi there everyone! How have you been? ^^ This is my very 1st "official" post from my new shiny site ^^

It's all set up, it only misses a couple of things that will be added later such as my Twitch status (whether I'm streaming or not and what I'm playing), a little trophy show case and some other interesting stuff ^^ So tell me, do you like it?

The good thing about this site is that I can post whatever I want without being worried about getting my stuff reported, I can also perma-ban people, play with text colors and fonts, add several photos per post and a lot of other things!

I've been VERY busy lately, sorry I couldn't answer you guys back but I just couldn't find enough time but it's heartwarming to see so many people asking where I went ^^ Thanks so much guys

Seems like kitten has some potential good news: I went to this job interview and the guy seemed enthusiastic about me and will call me back as soon as he gets things in order ^^ Yay Kitten might have a new job! Come to me money!
Another bit of good news is that a very close friend of mine (the same who gifted me with my HD PVR2) is trying to push me back to PC gaming and decided to gift me a new shiny razer keyboard... with a keyboard like that who needs a gamepad! So.. who knows maybe I'll stop focusing on my playstation and start playing a bit more with my PC, I'm already thinking about going back to World of Warcraft for a couple of months just to get used to mouse+keyboard combo again. -A Little about this photo: It was very cloudy today and my photographer couldn't get enough light so he was forced to use flash which cast a very hard shadow behind me but it was either that or very dark photos Also the weather was so cloudy that my eyes turned Green-ish (As you might already know my eyes switch color depending on my mood or the weather). What you see (or barely see) on my left hand nails is what happens when Kitten is bored and browses random movies online.
Since I seriously doubt you'll be able to see that clearly here is a close up: 
(Yep i'm already having fun with these multiple photo per post feature :P)

So I wanted to ask you guys, since I'm going to spend some time on my PC are there any interesting Psychological Horrors you would recommend ? I don't mind if they are Indie (actually I'm enjoying them more then AAA titles lately) as far as they are good ^^

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