*Nerdy Wife ON*

*Nerdy Wife ON*
"Welcome back hon, I had a bit of free time so I reorganized our backlog, divided them per genre and platform. Do you see anything you want to play with? "
*Nerdy Wife Off*

Oh well, since I don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, I'll have to play by myself for now

Welcome friends once again to my daily wall of text!
How was your weekend?

Mine went by and I didn't even manage to accomplish most of the things I had planned... sigh...

-I wanted to earn the platinum for Watch_Dogs but the game counterattacked with a "Boring Strike" which was super effective and slowed me down

-I wanted to get my bellybutton pierced (nothing fancy just a shiny little sexy piercing) but in Italy there are a bunch of random holidays which most of NPC vendors use as an excuse not to work

-I wanted to refill my supply of mana and health potions (food and drinks) but heh... no NPC vendors available.

Well not everything went wrong, I managed to buy a new gym outfit and also made a new friend who wants to spend a bunch of time with me... too bad she isn't a gamer.

This friend of mine is working on my site as I write this post, I seriously can't wait to see how it comes out. I'll finally be able to post a bunch of photos without worrying about Facebook not sharing them, I won't have to worry about people reporting my posts and I will be able to write text in a better format.

My photographer is shuffling between 800ish photos of today's photo-session, some of them look really great! I can't wait to show you ^^

Watch_Dogs is a bit of a disappointment... Gameplay lacks originality and ends up being repetitive, you can sum it up with "press square to hack the world". "Side Quests", if one can call them that, make you do the same actions that you have been performing during the main quest. The city feels "fake" or "mechanical", "It looks like a matrix simulation, where everything is real but it lacks human warmth" to use a friend of mine's metaphor. The AI is quite cheap and NPCs path-finding/reactions could be way better. The game is also filled with graphical glitches, like the lampposts that shatter in pieces. Multiplayer could still be considered fun if Ubisoft were to fix its servers... Seriously guys getting hacked the same day you released Watch_Dogs is bad...
Overall this game isn't bad, it just didn't meet the expectations created by the hype. These companies should understand that the higher you make people fly with their imagination, the harder will be the fall if the game isn't as good as expected.
Back in time they used to act in the opposite way: Software houses released a game, some people tried it out, wrote good reviews which would push more people to buy the game and this is how a company builds its reputation...
Creating hype to make instant profits from D1 sales releasing a game that is unpolished/unfinished isn't the right way to do it seriously.

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