Plans for the weekend

 Hi there guys and girls ^^ How are you all? Got any plans for this weekend?

This is another unplanned photo. I got distracted by people staring and I looked back at them I guess my photographer is right, I do make the better faces when I don't try

The funny thing about this photo is that I was about to have a wardrobe malfunction, my left breast was about to pop out from me squeezing my shoulders too hard behind

Before people start to think that I could use a change of clothes, this is the last photo I'm going to upload of that photo-session So next time I'll be dressed differently I swear XD

Also this photo was much bigger at the start but I tried to follow some advice gave me by a couple of friends of this page and cut away a bit of the background with MS Paint (no laughing here that's all I can use)... but now it feels way too small
Man I seriously don't speak Image composition I guess.

So a week ago I met a girl during my gym time and we have been hanging out since then. This kitten added an additional member to her party I guess, too bad she doesn't play games, read mangas/books or watch anime and she is more into parties and that kind of stuff but hey no one is perfect right? She actually wants to join a couple of photo-sessions now and again, who knows maybe something fun might come out of this new friendship.

I got my new shiny little piercing on my belly button It's a very small diamond-like gem ^^ It's pretty cute in my opinion, I will take a pic of it as soon as it's fully healed.

Because of my new little gem, I won't be able to train for at least a week so my weekend is going to be filled with a bunch of gaming
I'm pretty much done with Watch_Dogs (finally) and I have Wolfenstein and Murdered Soul Suspect ready to be played, I also have to finish Silent Hill 3 platinum which I left unfinished to play Watch_Dogs... Looking back, I would've had more fun if I kept playing Silent Hill instead.

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