Rain.. Lots of Rain...

DAMN YOU RAIN! whoops.... Hi there guys!
Sorry didn't you know you were here... how did your day go?

-Note about this selfie: So I was kinda tired of my avatar on my personal profile and since it's STILL raining, I decided to use my photographer's tripod and take some photos... luckily enough this time around he reset the camera settings, so no blurry, no uber light, etc etc... with all those flashes in my eyes it felt like I was taking part in a MIB operation-

My day can be summarized with a song "Singin' In The Rain". I had a lot of stuff to do today and all of them happened under the rain. The only thing that kept me away from getting a constantly showered is gym... YEP gym finally! 

Went to my piercer, he checked my piercing, said it was healing perfectly and clumsily bumped his head against my breasts while getting back in standing position ^^" "I'm SO Sorry! I thought I pulled my head back enough but they were still there" he said blushing and apologizing a lot. What a sweet guy. 
Sometimes we look at someone full of tattoos and piercings and we automatically label him as "rebellious" or "Bad guy" but once again prejudices utterly fail. "Never judge a book by its cover" 

So anyway yep I can finally go back to my 2hrs/2hrs and half daily workout!

Tomorrow, I have to cook a special dinner for a friend and his "new girl" so he can blatantly lie to her and say he cooked the whole thing to score some points.. but girls are evil and she'll probably ask "oooh how did you make this and that? I make it this way, what's your secret?" so yeah 

I've been playing Resident Evil: Code Veronica (didn't have much time today actually) and decided to record an A rank speed run with no first aid, no save and no deaths. Today I managed to finish the 1st half of the game in 1 hr and 11 mins (decided to play it safely), tomorrow i'll finish the 2nd part, upload it and share the link with you ^^ It's not the best speed run ever made but hey last time I played code veronica was YEARS ago.. I'm pretty ok with what I managed to do ^^"

My next game will probably be either Neptunia (1st game), Battle Princess of Arcadia, Cross Edge or Tales of Graces F... my mood points towards Battle Princess of Arcadia which is a recently released fast paced JRPG by NIS (which is one of my favorite software houses), the press describes it as a JRPG version of Dragon's Crown so... I can't wait to try it out!

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