Sweet Nerdy Wife ^.^

*Nerdy Wife On*
Looovee... can you buy the Collector's Edition of that JRPG I told you about for me? Pwetty pwease? If you do I'll do anything you want! 
*Nerdy Wife Off*

Ehhh... I love those awesome yet hell expensive JRPG Collector's Editions and if I had a partner who would gift me with those there is pretty much nothing I wouldn't do for her/him but I seriously doubt I'll ever find someone with my same tastes that would spend THAT much on games  As a kitten who lives on sushi and JRPGs I'm a pretty expensive one to maintain ^^"

Anyway, how was your day? 

Mine was pretty fun for once! My photographer took me to a park where there was no one around, both because it's pretty isolated, and because people were at home watching the world cup (this is pretty much the only good thing I can think of when I think about the world cup... less people roaming around), this allowed us to take 36 gb worth of photos and my photographer seems to be, and this is very rare, liking more than one! Yay! Also because of the sun my freckles are starting to be more and more evident... sigh T.T

I need to remember the way to get there because if I ever have time to find myself a partner I want to bring her/him there, It was so peaceful it would make a great place for outdoor gaming with handheld consoles, playing around, picnics, cuddling and... so on 

Aside from that I finally earned my Trine 2: The Complete Story Platinum! It was a... not so long journey but there were some challenging spots here and there mostly due to some weird/hilarious bugs this game has. Trine 2: The Complete Story is pretty much a "bundle" edition with Trine 2 and its Goblin menace DLC which adds 7 quality levels to the main game which already has 13 of them. Despite this being an Indie game, and I'm saying this because most of the gamers nowadays seems to fall for the hype that AAA software houses build around their "masterpieces", this game has some very interesting and colorful graphics, with fluid and very flexible gameplay and fitting BGM; also it's quite amazing to see developers work on release DLCs that actually contain a quality additional story that adds playable hours to the gameplay, new skills and interesting new mechanics to the game. What is interesting about this game is the flexibility of the environment which can be shaped in a number of ways with Amadeus' magic abilities, Zoya's acrobatic skills and Pontius' battle prowess, after spending some time toying around with skill points, you'll get to the conclusion that this game can be played in quite a lot of different ways which is something that I love. 
Now as said before, this game has some weird bugs.. so weird that it actually makes the game hilarious.. for example while trying to move your conjured metal plank, it might happen that you conjure a cube by mistake, which falls on your character making him bolt away and die on that trap you so accurately avoided a moment earlier or being pushed down into a pit by a monster that you just turned into an ice block with your arrows while it was charging at you, etc etc, now mix all of this to hard difficulty + hardcore mode which removes in-game checkpoints and makes you die in a single hit and you'll get what I meant with "challenging spots" 
Overall this is a great game you can play with up to 2 friends (3 players co-op game) and have some serious laughs about that weird something that killed all of you while enjoying the nicely scripted story which is quite funny by itself  Also... it's free for PS+ users right now... free games are always welcomed 

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