Watch_Dogs Platinum Achieved!

Greetings hackers, fixers and watchers! 
How are you guys? Are you enjoying your weekend?

My photographer has been trying to catch me off guard since the last photo-session. He doesn't even tell me to pose anymore, he just stands and waitsfor me to do something, then starts taking photos as soon as i "switch" pose. I like it this way, feels more natural for me.

Finally done with Watch_Dogs, earned its platinum and deleted the game as soon as I finished. What a waste of money...

Watch_Dogs feels like a Parkour version of GTA or, if you prefer, It's Assassin's Creed and GTA love son. At the start I thought it was going to be one of those late bloomer games, which starts getting funnier and more interesting the deeper you dig into the story, never was I more wrong...

Watch_Dogs is a REPETITIVE game based on a number of actions that the game makes you repeat over and over till the end of the story, if you, like me, start doing side jobs as soon as they are available and then get back to the main story, you'll notice right away that the story acts as a sort of tutorial for the side jobs and what you've been doing till then is what you'll keep doing for the rest of the game.

There are also a number of totally pointless features that you learn about in a moment and totally forget they exist the moment later, features such as "Sleep to advance time", since there are no events/shops that are available only during a certain time, our hero will only get to sleep once and only because it's story related; another pointless feature is the "Car Delivery Service" which finds reason to be only if you are picky about your cars, otherwise the game is FILLED with cars and most of them are quite fast anyway; Then we have hacking people for money which the game, during the prologue, makes it appear as an essential thing to do... well guess what, It's pretty useless to gather money if there are only a couple of places where you can spend them... once you buy all weapons and all the outfits, you won't need money anymore; 
Watch_Dogs also features a number of weapons, the player will never use any of them aside from the silenced pistol for stealthy moments and Grenade launcher for not so stealthy moments making the whole selection (aside from snipers if you like ranged battles) totally useless.

Even the story in Watch_Dogs isn't that great, it feels static as the main character takes a step forward towards his objective and 2 seconds later he is back at the start totally clueless. The story starts interesting but it becomes flat as the time passes and ends up being totally weak with the ending... I stopped caring about the characters midway there 

NPC's AI is stupid, their pathfinding/reacting script is so broken that it gets hilarious at times and if this wasn't enough, the whole game is filled with stupid glitches, such as objects that LITERALLY shatter to pieces when you hit them with your car (lamp-post, tables, fences, etc etc), events that are supposed to happen instead they don't such as NPCs not doing what they are supposed to do, your camera that gets locked onto a target and won't let it go making it impossible for you to do anything beside restarting/dying, and motorbikes that go boom without proper reason as you drive/land after a jump, all the above wrapped in a city that feels FAKE/MECHANICAL, i know it's a game and as that it will never be "real" but this one feels like a matrix simulation, it lacks that human warmth present in other sandbox games.

Multiplayer can be fun if you like the idea of getting invaded/invade and play hide and seek, if you like to play a Watch_Dogs version of Mario Kart where the player in the 1st position will get targeted by a number of "dirty tricks" or if you like your usual capture the flag... oh and all of the above is only if Ubisoft avoids getting its servers hacked otherwise you're out of luck.

Let's be honest, Watch_Dogs had good potential but it created too much hype and then missed to meet the expectations by a long shot. I hope they learn from their mistakes if they are going to release a sequel.

As for me, now i'm playing Wolfenstein on UBER difficulty and I'm already having more fun than what I had with Watch_Dogs ^^ Will tell you more about it once I get some more hours into the game  

Meow Meow >^.^< Thanks for reading guys! 

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