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Plans for the weekend

 Hi there guys and girls ^^ How are you all? Got any plans for this weekend?

This is another unplanned photo. I got distracted by people staring and I looked back at them I guess my photographer is right, I do make the better faces when I don't try

The funny thing about this photo is that I was about to have a wardrobe malfunction, my left breast was about to pop out from me squeezing my shoulders too hard behind

Born as a Joke

This photo was born as a joke I was a bit annoyed by some people staring at us while we were taking photos and he said "Hey you make the best looks when you are yourself, come on show me an annoyed Ruby" obviously, I was too bothered to actually make a better expression but yeah

I'm going to write a longer post in about 30 mins /1 hr with a "romantic kitten pic" >^.^<

*Nerdy Wife ON*

*Nerdy Wife ON*
"Welcome back hon, I had a bit of free time so I reorganized our backlog, divided them per genre and platform. Do you see anything you want to play with? "
*Nerdy Wife Off*

Oh well, since I don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, I'll have to play by myself for now

Welcome friends once again to my daily wall of text!
How was your weekend?

Mine went by and I didn't even manage to accomplish most of the things I had planned... sigh...

Morning everyone ^^

This is a photo from a week ago it was supposed to be trashed as well and he even attached a note to it to explain why: "Gray concrete wall behind, hair cover eyes, not good".
He sure likes his work a lot if he manages to skim between 200 to 800 photos, rating and writing down a note for each one.
I think i'm going to stop posting "trashed" photos ^^" I mean if he cares so much about his job, I should be more caring towards his will.

Posting this one too ^^

  My photographer wanted to dump it but I kinda like it. I guess he knows better but hey my page, my rules XD

Hi travelers!

Hi travelers! I'm K177-3n but you may call me by my locally designated name "Kitten". How was your day on Pandora?

I've received a lot of positive comments about my future blog site! At the start I was a bit skeptical about it but after seeing all those positive comments, i'm quite relieved ^^ Thanks guys.

Another little photo from that new place that my photographer found. I'm amazed at how well this new camera captures colors. I love it ^^

Hey everyone? How are you doing?

Weekend is around the corner, do you have any special plans?

-This friend of mine is going to work on my new blog site pretty soon, which will allow me to post whatever I want without the risk of getting reported for the nth time and post better designed content such as game reviews, gameplay, walkthroughs and funny screenshots.

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