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Back from my early Bday Gift.

Hey there everyone! How have you been?

I just came back from my early b-day gift from my photographer which was an all-inclusive 2 days trip at an amusement park ^^

Back playing WoW, anyone want to join me? ;)

*Nerdy Wife On* 
Love I unfroze my WoW account so I could play a bit... oh don't be upset you can play with me if you want, I don't mind unfreezing yours as well
*Nerdy Wife Off*

(For those who don't know, "Nerdy Wife" is a themed photo in which I pretend to be talking to my husband or wife and that's pretty much what I would do if I had one anyway)

My new site is live!

Hi there everyone! How have you been? ^^ This is my very 1st "official" post from my new shiny site ^^

It's all set up, it only misses a couple of things that will be added later such as my Twitch status (whether I'm streaming or not and what I'm playing), a little trophy show case and some other interesting stuff ^^ So tell me, do you like it?

Sweet Nerdy Wife ^.^

*Nerdy Wife On*
Looovee... can you buy the Collector's Edition of that JRPG I told you about for me? Pwetty pwease? If you do I'll do anything you want! 
*Nerdy Wife Off*

Ehhh... I love those awesome yet hell expensive JRPG Collector's Editions and if I had a partner who would gift me with those there is pretty much nothing I wouldn't do for her/him but I seriously doubt I'll ever find someone with my same tastes that would spend THAT much on games  As a kitten who lives on sushi and JRPGs I'm a pretty expensive one to maintain ^^"

My Final Fantasy Collection ^^

Hi there guys and girls ^^ 
How is your evil Monday going?

-Note about this photo: Not really a pro shoot or anything, it's just a selfie (and a blurry one even) I took with my phone ^^"
That's my Final Fantasy collection ^^ It only misses Final Fantasy X, X-2, Dirge of Cerberus, Tactics and Crisis core because I lent them to a couple of friends and I deliberately omitted Final Fantasy XII,XIII,XIII-2 and Lightning returns because that's where Final Fantasy series died for me  They just weren't final fantasy anymore.

Kitten's Look >^.^<

Hey everyone ^^
How is your Saturday going? ^^

-Note about this photo: Here's my little piercing all healed up ^^ How do you like it?
This is the base one, I'll be able to change it in about 2 months and I'm already looking around to find something maybe gaming related but those are rare.
My photographer said "show me a kitten expression"... Am I enough of a kitten for you?;) 

Rain.. Lots of Rain...

DAMN YOU RAIN! whoops.... Hi there guys!
Sorry didn't you know you were here... how did your day go?

-Note about this selfie: So I was kinda tired of my avatar on my personal profile and since it's STILL raining, I decided to use my photographer's tripod and take some photos... luckily enough this time around he reset the camera settings, so no blurry, no uber light, etc etc... with all those flashes in my eyes it felt like I was taking part in a MIB operation-

A reported photo gets reposted :P

Good Morning everyone ^^

"Your image was removed because it violates the Post Guidelines. Posts may not contain very sexual images, suggest nudity, show a lot of skin or cleavage, or focus unnecessarily on specific body parts."

Yep yep, whatever. Reposting.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Platinum Achieved!

Hey there people! 
Weekend is about to start so... Let's get ready to rumble! (Quote one of my workout songs)

The little key on my neck is a gift from a fan(friend) and it's supposed to be one of the Lucy's key (Fairy Tail) and even if it doesn't resemble any of them, I think it's a great gift and I love it! ^^

This was a triumph.

*Lo ok at me still talking when there's science to do.
When I look out there it makes me GLaD I'm not you.
I've experiments to run there is research to be done
On the people who are still alive* 

-Sings this song as she starts writing her post- 

Hi there still alive test subjects and companion cubes! How are you ? ^^


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