About Me

  • Introduction

    About me... you know, I always feared this question when getting to know someone, like me and him/her both sitting facing each other, drinking a coffee and talking about random stuff and suddenly I get asked: "so, tell me something about you"... blank... like sitting in the Dragon Ball Hyperbolic Time Chamber, nothing, then an imaginary notepad pops into my head with a list of possible things to say that instantly get crossed out, discarded one by one until i'm back to that blank page, thinking over and over "what about me is worth mentioning...".
    Well I guess if you are here and reading this might as well give you something to read >^.^<
  • A little of background

    I was born on August 13th 1987 in NYC and I was given the name "Ruby", which contrary to common belief it isn't my "art name" nor does it refer to the color of my hair like it happens for Scarlet in Fairy Tail, it's simply my name but you can call me Kitten as that's what friends call me. Since I was little, I've always been a "weird specimen" as I spent way more time disassembling toys in order to understand how they worked and building stuff with legos/meccano than playing with dolls... actually the only time I played with dolls, I pretended they were the ones doing the disassembling ^^". To feed my weirdness I was gifted with a Commodore 64 when I was only 3 which has been the spark that pushed me into gaming world. Growing up, things didn't really change for me and some might say they only got worse as I always found more joy reading a book or playing a game, rather than hanging out with "cool people", those same people that after a while decided to brand me with the cursed title of "Nerd" but that never really bothered me as I got to live a bunch of wonderful, epic and dangerous adventures while they were stuck with their simple and at times shallow lives. In order to gain my freedom I decided to join the army an move to Italy where I'm currently living. I wasn't (still isn't) an army type of person, I've never been competitive but it was the very 1st job I could easily get and so I decided to try it out. During this period I kept feeding my gamer and nerd side following the latest gaming trends and earning myself a degree in psychology. Around 2 and a half years ago, I finally got my life back and started swinging between jobs until a friend of mine, who worked as a landscape photographer, decided to spice up his life switching to Model Photography and asked me to become his test subject. Now I work as his little Noob Model ^^
  • <3Things I LOVE <3 

    I love gaming, I've collected every single major console from my Commodore 64 to my PlayStation 4 also getting most of the handheld ones (nope sorry, I don't have an XboxOne... I said MAJOR consoles). My favorite game genres are: RPG (JRPG favorite over WRPG), Psychological Horrors and Co-operative games, I know I will disappoint a lot of you guys but I don't like mainstream mutliplayer versus games such as Call of Duty. For quite some time I've also been a PC (MMORPG) player, starting from Ultima Online to Final Fantasy 14, I've played almost every major free and paid mmorpg out there, name one and I've probably played it ^^ If you ask me "what's your favorite game" I wouldn't know how to answer... If you have played as many games as I have, you know full well that none of them is "objectively perfect" but some are perfect in their own way, some of them mark important milestones in my life, some others speak directly to me and others are simply great and as that I can't get myself to choose one. Now I spend most of my time trophy hunting, aka earning trophies on my PlayStation ^^ Aside from gaming I love cooking, I can cook pretty much everything from Oriental dishes to Mediterranean ones, I love reading, mostly philosophical, mind-blowing, manga and horror stuff, I love watching movies, mostly psychological horrors and fantasy, I love sewing, drawing and Tech-Shopping. I consider myself to be a "Knowledge nerd" not because I know a lot of stuff rather because "I NEED TO KNOW" so if something intrigues me, nothing stops me until I understand how it works or why it happens. I also love working out which I do for 2 and a half hours a day
  • Ending Notes

    So to answer that famous question: Who is Ruby? Well... I'm just me, a passionate, nerd, gamer, clumsy, bookworm kitten who one day will find a man/woman to share her "Kittiness" with, who doesn't mind wasting money on games and books, until then you can find me in one of the worlds I like to travel probably involved in a dangerous adventure against the worst nightmares ever created. 

    <3 >^.^< Thanks for reading this far >^.^< <3