Assault Android Cactus - S+ Rank - 2-2 Influx - Holly - PS4

Assault Android Cactus
S+ Rank
2-2 Influx
Character: Holly
Trophy: Assault Android Awesome

In these videos I wasn't really trying to beat the highscore or anything, I just tried to achieve S+ Rank on every level, so there is a lot that can be polished.

I generally used Holly for normal levels and Cactus for bosses (with some exceptions). This being said, these videos are "noob friendly" as I've recorded the very 1st time I've achieved the S+ rank, so you'll see me start as a complete game ignorant and slowly improve, this also means that I've never used characters that weren't supposed to be unlocked and always used what the game provided.

The power ups don't just add what their name say (e.g. the yellow power up accelerator doesn't only give you a speed boost) and none of them is better than the other.

Accelerate (yellow): Main element is the Increased movement speed, also adds magnetism for moving collectibles, and adds damage reduction (every third point of damage) which is designed to compensate for how much more often you end up taking damage when moving at high speeds but can be used by top players in other ways.

Firepower (red): Twin drones that shoot when you shoot, also shoot for a duration with long interval weapons like Shotgun, act as a physical object that will push against walls etc and the side effect of this property is that they block things like lasers the way all other physical objects do (including players and enemies).

Shutdown (blue): Sweeps out a pulse that disables all enemies within a range of its collection (A large range, usually covers the entire level but not some traveling levels), triggers invulnerability for the player during this shutdown period which is shown by the white sheen on the player character (As they get with weapon swap or on revival) and this invulnerability period is quite long so you would always regenerate your health anyway, enemies in a shut down state receive 50% additional damage when attacked (Bosses only last a fraction of the time in their shutdown state).

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