Planet RIX-13 - 100% Platinum Walkthrough

► Planet RIX-13 - 100% Platinum Walkthrough

■ Note: This video was never meant to be a guide because my movements aren't slow enough and don't get explained. I am posting this video for the reasons I explain at the start of the video itself. It can still be used as guide if you so much wish though.

Also I might be posting more "random 100% games" just because I feel like it ^^

■ Game: Planet RIX-13
■ Type: Platinum Walkthrough
■ Trophies Unlocked: Planet RIX-13 Platinum, Cause of Death: Radiation, Cause of Death: Explosion, Cause of Death: Suffocation, Cause of Death: Drowning, Cause of Death: Killed by a Monster, Explorer, You Managed to Survive!, Wonders of Technology, Archaeologist, Alchemist, Two is Better Than One, It Was Worth a Try, There is a Signal!, Cause of Death: Acid, Cause of Death: Suicide, Let It Burn! and Peaceful Outcome

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