Resident Evil 7 - Dummy Finger solution - Dirty Coin

16.29 to 16:52 - Now the easy and clear part is done. Next is the part that I'm not really sure about but again, it worked every time, just I have no idea what triggers it. What you want to do is open the pot in the kitchen and then go watch the VHR (again).

17:43 to 18:06 -
This time in the VHR we are going to do some specific actions. Again, I'm not sure which one of these trigger the damn thing, but in case you mess up, you can always just replay the VHR until it works.

► Resident Evil 7 - Dummy Finger solution - Dirty Coin

■ Game: Resident Evil 7
■ Part: Beginning Hour (Midnight Version)
■ Type: Guide
■Trophies Unlocked: No Trophies.

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